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My Personal Criteria in the Search for God

My Journey to Islam

The subjects listed below represent some of the issues which were of great concern to me as I searched for the religion of Truth. As I studied the world's religions I paid close attention to these issues, in particular. For example, if a religion denied the oneness of God, it was easily rejected. Likewise if it denied rights to women, rejected Jesus (peace be upon him), or conflicted with well-known facts (historical or scientific).

  • The Oneness of God: Islam not only calls for the worship of One God, but it actually describes the concept of One God so well that it explains how and why many other faiths have deviated from this concept.

  • The Status of Jesus: Islam is the only major non-Christian faith which makes it an article of faith to believe that Jesus (peace be upon him) was born of a virgin, that he was the Messiah, that he performed miracles, that he was the Word of God, and that he will come again in the end of time. Those who do not believe these things are outside of Islam.

  • Science & the Holy Qur'an: If God created all of creation, then He must have knowledge of it. Islam never experienced a conflict between religion and science. This site gives examples of some of the references in the Qur'an to scientific facts not known until recently.

  • The Status of Women: The rights and roles of women in Islam will be a shock to those who have only listened to the news for their information on Islam. One thousand and four hundred years ago the Qur'an brought property rights, voting rights, and rights of inheritance to a gender that did not receive these things in the West until gradually over the past one hundred years. There was no sexual revolution in Islam, because there was no need for one. Perhaps this is why women come to Islam at much higher rates than men in the US and Europe.

  • The Status of Other Peoples: Nearly all established religions in the world claim to be the only path to God. Well, what of people who never heard of other paths? Islam addresses this question.

  • Other Things That Attracted Me to Islam: This site includes information on the history of Africa, the history of Spain, Islamic conduct in war, and linguistics.

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