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Capitalizing on Fear

The use of high and emotive terms such as "communist", "terrorist", "fanatic", and "fundamentalist", brings an immediate emotional projection and condemnation without fault and without critique. This renders the general population incapable of seeing the people for who they are, and incapable of examining what they have to say.

Many conspiracy theorists often allude to Big Brother of George Orwell's book 1984, as a parallel to current times. However, it is perhaps better to compare these times to Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. While there are certainly many similarities between the Big Brother of 1984 and the post-September 11th security measures and intelligence efforts, it is actually the conditioning of the masses that has led us to this point. Were we not so conditioned by our education system and media machine, words such as "Terrorist" and "Fundamentalist" would not have sold us on either the war in Afghanistan or the increased police state in which we now find ourselves.

  • Fear everything, but God. Indeed many try to dissuade people from fearing God, calling Him a God of Love. Perhaps the general trend toward New Age concepts stems from the general increased fear.
  • New Age & psych say fearing God is bad, having guilt is bad.
  • News
  • Insurance
  • Y2K
  • Security, monitoring, searching, loss of civil liberties & privacy.
  • Creation of enemies. UFOs, computer bugs, religious fanaticism, communism, etc.
  • Defense spending.
  • Military intervention.

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