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One Hell of a Good Time


Entertainment, the New World Order, & the Hellfire

  • There are multiple levels from which the entertainment industry launches its attack on Islam. Foul language, violence, & pornography are obvious. But these are the weakest prongs of the offensive. They are mere decoys.
  • export American culture & concepts
  • rebellion in adolescence
  • loose marital relations
  • love, sex, alcohol, beauty
  • excessive consumption
  • wasting time
  • disrespect to elders
  • commercials
  • definition of values
  • leave off that which doesn't concern you

  • broadcasting in Muslim lands
  • occupying the minds & time of Muslims & non-Muslims
  • even if it is from mubaHaat it offers no benefit
  • 'give them bread & give them sport'
  • portrayed as the reason for our existence

  • Most people will invariably believe themselves to be immune to these processes. But one thing cannot be denied... Even if TV & such forms of entertainment were permissable, we must admit that they are a waste of time. We must admit that there are things which would better occupy our time.
  • deluded @ 2 things-time & health
  • TV & video games consume the minds, energy & time of the Muslims.

  • Leads to Hellfire by distraction, encouraging disobedience
  • links to Football & the NWO, Hx of Info, Info & Entertainment Glut
  • "In large cities of today, the individual has become increasingly alienated from his or herself and from others and from knowledge of all law, a cog in the consumer producer process who, when not at work or asleep, is often trapped in an infantile and unfulfilled search for illusory self gratification, which insures that there is usually very little time left to reflect and consider where he or she is going, and no time to actually do something about breaking out of the recurring behavior pattern in which he or she is trapped." (Thompson, Ahmad, Dajjal, page 7)
  • Football and the New World Order
  • Encouraging Utilization of Time and Warning Against Wasting It

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