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Fat Poor People

Give Them Food & Give Them Sport

Intentions & Disclaimers:

The title of this article is frought with judgemental language. However, the intentions are neither to issue judgement on the poor, nor on the obese. Instead, the intentions are to alert the poor and the obese to a system which is designed to keep them that way.


Give them food & give them sport. Once utilized by the Romans as a means of control, two thousand years later, this same tactic is being used on us. We are actively being programmed to consume food, to consume commercial goods, and to waste our time with useless entertainment.

  • rather it is using them as a marker of where society is
  • excess consumption & a sedentary lifestyle
  • Dangers of obesity •getting out of the house in emergencies •insulin resistance •OSA, depression •venous access •HTN, CAD, chol, gallstones •periop complications

    Overweight and obesity are known risk factors for:

    • diabetes
    • heart disease
    • stroke
    • hypertension
    • gallbladder disease
    • osteoarthritis (degeneration of cartilage and bone of joints)
    • sleep apnea and other breathing problems
    • some forms of cancer (uterine, breast, colorectal kidney, and gallbladder).

    Obesity is associated with:

    • high blood cholesterol
    • complications of pregnancy
    • menstrual irregularities
    • hirsutism (presence of excess body and facial hair)
    • stress incontinence (urine leakage caused by weak pelvic-floor muscles)
    • psychological disorders such as depression
    • increased surgical risk.

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    Lost generation of obese children feared

    The 10th European Congress on Obesity has been challenged by Philip James, chairman of the International Obesity Task Force, to act on childhood obesity in Europe. Statistics show that childhood obesity is becoming a major problem, James blamed the effects of "high-calorie diets, television and computers". Calling for more governmental funding to combat and treat obesity, he said the food, television and computer industries need to be involved as it is a lifestyle condition. The European Childhood Obesity Group under Prof Walter Burniat will call for at least one hour of physical activity per day at school, control of the contents of school lunches, and more sports in leisure time. They are also to promote more family sports participation and of course better food choices. Source: 10th European Congress on Obesity / ECOG back to top

    Major factors in American obesity highlighted

    An American study of factors in the rising tide of obesity has highlighted dining out, convenience foods and large portions as dominant factors. This has been based on observation of overall evidence not on interviews. Population data suggests that average energy intakes must have increased by 15% between 1970 and 1994 despite a probable reduction in exercise. The proportion of food expenditure spent away from home has increased from around 20% in the 1970s to 38% in 1992.Fastfood restaurants are increasing at a rate of 7% per annum compared to 3% for the whole restaurant industry. Finally there is evidence that portion sizes served are increasing. These issues will be addressed at a National Nutrition Summit in Washington DC on May 30-31 (see Source: Harnack LJ et al: Am J Clin Nutr 2000

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