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One of the fastest growing health care humor sites on the web
Giggle Med ™
GiggleMed.com is a unique medical humor company - providing diverse humor products for those with an appreciation for the healthcare setting. Watch for the forthcoming books, audio books, and karaoke. Life in today's health care industry is a recipe for burnout and frustration. Giggle Med brings life back into you honorable service to the community. (: medicine is fun again :)™
Real, funny health care chart bloopers
Chart Farts ®
ChartFarts.com provides hundreds and hundreds of medical charting bloopers and malapropisms in multiple different products and media formats. Chart Farts® have a viral quality to their humor. If you read any more than 2 or 3, the laughter from one begins to seep into the laughter for the next one. Soon, you're having belly pain, mild urinary incontinence, or bringing out laughs that your coworkers never knew you had in you.
Tips and Secrets for Internship and Residency
23 Must Know Tips for Medical and Surgical Residency
Internship and Residency Tips
You may have picked up a pearl here or there. But now, DrTori.com offers "23 Must Know Tips for Medical and Surgical Residency" - a free special report. Must-know, must-have, must-do strategies for every medical or surgical student, intern, and resident.
Without Prejudice
Stop racism. Create smiles. Spread peace.
Without Prejudice Products
Designed by Dr. Tori was he was in college, the Without Prejudice series of products seeks to make the world a better place... one glance at a time. Stop racism. Create smiles. Spread peace.
Climb the search engine ranks. Explore new web marketing techniques. Create new markets.
InfoRedux ™
InfoRedux.com is an internet marketing and information marketing consulting group started by Dr. Tori. We assist web businesses with search engine optimization, joint venture ideas and agreements, information product development, and internet marketing. InfoRedux works by referrals only.

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