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The Islamic Institutions & Resources Page

This page was developed in order to encourage cooperation among Muslim-owned businesses and institutions. It is my hope that we will not only spend our money at such places, but also that Muslim doctors can cooperate to build hospitals, that Muslim bookstore owners could cooperate to form publishing corporations, etc. This is a page not just for the average Muslim to find stores and institutions, but also for Muslims to cooperate in the establishment of larger, farther-reaching institutions.

  • The International Institute of Islamic Thought
  • American Muslim Council
  • Islamic Circle of North America
  • Islamic Society of North America
  • CAIR
  • Muslim Newspapers Online

    Islamic Centers:

  • Islamic Centers Online
  • Islamic Finder: Finding Islamic places & prayer times.

    Muslim-Owned Computing Resources:

  • Islamic Resources for Handheld Devices
  • Dentechsol: Internet Securities
  • MuslimsOnline: Free web hosting and free email

    Educational Resources:

  • Internet Islamic University
  • Muslim Education & Literary Services
  • Islamic College for Advanced Studies
  • Association of Muslim Schools

    Publishing Companies:

  • Saracen Press

    Islamic Bookstores:

  • The QSS Bookstore
  • Amana Publications
  • Halalco Books
  • IQRA International Education Foundation
  • Islamic
  • KAZI Publications
  • Al-Haramain Foundation
  • Soundvision
  • Islamic Book Club
  • Astrolabe Pictures

    Islamic Clothing Stores:

  • The Islam Shop
  • Al-Safaa Wal-Marwa
  • Al-Muhsina


  • The American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences
  • Journal of Islamic Studies
  • International Journal of Islamic Financial Services
  • Medical Journal of the Islamic Academy of Sciences
  • Journal of Economic Cooperation Among Islamic Countries
  • Journal of Islamic Jerusalem Studies
  • Journal of Islamic History


  • Muslim Doctors & Dentists Association, UK
  • Medical Journal of the Islamic Academy of Sciences


  • American Muslim Scientists and Engineers
  • Institute of Islamic Sciences, Technology, and Development

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