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Profundus Technologies was founded in September 2003 when three friends and acquaintances came together with some ideas for handheld, desktop, and web applications. Each with different backgrounds and different skills, they formed Profundus.

Not just another software development company, Profundus is deeply committed to education, ethics, and society’s general wellbeing. That being the case, before any revenue was involved, these three individuals agreed to donate a chunk of the proceeds to education. They started a newsletter, Depth Perceptions, through which they could raise important ethical questions and concerns with regards to technology and its related fields.

Profundus is a Latin word often used in anatomy and physiology to indicate something which is deeper than the indicated reference point. In this case it is derived from a nickname given to one of the founders of Profundus Technologies. While in medical school, he was known to be concerned with "deep" subjects, tending to find profound meaning in apparently simple things. He came to be known as Profundus for his thinking of things on a "whole other level".

Profundus Technologies, too, asks the deep questions. Rather than simply working on technology for technology’s sake, the right questions are asked… What are the ramifications of this new development? Who will benefit? Is there any harm in it? Is it appropriate?

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