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Palm Applications for Residents

  • Hour Traxx - Profundus' most downloaded program - the one about which residents are murmuring in the halls. Hour Traxx allows residents and fellows to track their work hours. In an effort to help residency and fellowship programs comply with the latest ACGME requirements, Hour Traxx not only allows residents to track their hours, but also provides a service for uploading the information to a web-based database. From there institutions can track their progress and identify trouble spots as they attempt to comply. By purchasing this software here, you are not yet subscribing to the internet service. The internet service is due for release in mid-November 2003. Download the Hour Traxx User Manual

  • Procedure Traxx - This program is currently being evaluated by the American Board of Internal Medicine as a possible alternative to the antiquated logbook for procedures. This application allows residents to track their procedures as well as have their evaluators "sign-off" on them - all right their on their handheld device.


Cardiology Palm Applications

  • eP-Traxx - This application is specifically designed for the Electrophysiologist and Interventionalist. It allows EP docs to track their procedures and complications with simple, easy-to-use drop down menus.


Coming Soon

  • PDF files for handtracking resident hours

  • Post-op Open Heart resources for the PDA