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The Information & Entertainment Glut

We live in a time when the pursuit of happiness has become the pursuit of gadgets, trivia, and instant gratification. We have erroneously come to understand our purpose in existing to be seeking pleasure. The entertainment industry has effectively convinced us that we are here to entertain ourselves. From one fashion to the next, one sitcom to the next, one Sunday of football to the next. It has implications that reach much farther than our emotions. It has come to affect how we view politics, world events, history, our own families, and our Creator.

Islam & the Media:

  • The History of Information: by Abu Aasiya
  • Subtle Messages, Profound Implications: Advertising, Social Engineering, & the New World Order - by Abu Aasiya
  • Black Hawk Down: Savior & Victim & Encouraging US Nationalism
  • Steve Emerson’s Personal Media Crusade Against Islam: a Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) article
  • Hamza Yusuf on TV, Truth, & Technomania
  • Music & Singing in Light of the Qur’an & Sunnah
  • Muslim Culture, Religion Misrepresented by Media: by Priscilia Martinez
  • Television & Children: by Mohammed Rawat
  • Indecent Publications: A Disturbing Trend
  • Dominant Western Perceptions of Islam and the Muslims
  • The Islamic Response to the Secular Educational System
  • Film explores Muslim society torn between religious rules and secular pressures: with a negative portrayal of Islam (as usual), only this time, in a Muslim-majority nation.
  • Leave Off that Which Does Not Concern You
  • TV & Sexual Content in Light of Islaamic Morals: by Yahya Abdur-Rahman (s. Smith)
  • Are TV/Video Programs for Children Safe to Watch?: by Aisha Ho
  • Satanic Reverses: As Things Become their Opposites

    Miscellaneous Articles:

  • Skipping Commercials is Stealing??!!
  • TV Provides Stimulation, Not Ideas: Author Unknown
  • Doublespeak & the New World Order
  • Superhighway to Dystopia
  • Hey, Look what's on TV!!"
  • Strangers in Our Homes: TV & Our Childrens' Minds
  • Disney & Its Anti-Family Agenda
  • Violence in the Media: What’s the Effect?
  • Physician Guide to Media Violence
  • The History of Information: by Abu Aasiya
  • Information Overload: by Abu Aasiya
  • Antisocial Behavior
  • Are They Watching Too Much TV?
  • Children & TV Violence
  • Effects of TV on Development
  • Video Games & Children
  • More on Video Games and Our Children
  • Fast Food Comparison
  • Is Violent TV Destroying Our Children?
  • National PTA Magazine: Our Children & the Media
  • Screen Violence & Its Effects on Society
  • The "un-TV" Guide
  • Effects of Toy Ads on Youth
  • Is TV the Culprit?
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