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Religious Innovation (Bid’aa)

  • Dangers of Bid’aa
  • To You Your Celebrations and to Me Mine
  • Holiday Myths
  • Hijrah from Innovators
  • Sunnah & Caution Against Innovation: order the book by Sheikh Abdul-Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz
  • Innovation & Islam's View Towards It
  • How Do We Know What is and What is not Bid'ah?: by Shaikh `Alee Hasan `Alee `Abdul Hameed
  • Explanation of the Hadeeth "Whoever introduced into our matter...": by Shaikh Nathim Sultan
  • The Sahabah's Attitude towards Innovations
  • Celebrating the Birthday of the Prophet: An Innovation
  • Imitating the Kuffaar

    The Prophet said, "You will follow the ways of those nations who were before you, span by span and cubit by cubit (i.e., inch by inch) so much so that even if they entered a hole of a mastigure, you would follow them." We said, "O Allah's Apostle! (Do you mean) the Jews and the Christians?" He said, "Whom else?"

    Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith, Narrated by Abu Said Al Khudri

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