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Bringing important health issues to the Muslim community


  • Allergy Resources for Patients
  • Food Allergies & Intolerance
  • How to Create a Dust-free Bedroom
  • Poison Ivy

    General References:

  • Islamic Medical Association @ PCOM
  • Islamic Health & Human Services

    Lead Poisoning:

  • Lead Poisoning (CDC)
  • Know Lead
  • Home Safe
  • National Lead Information Center
  • Case Studies in Environmental Medicine: Lead Toxicity

    Lyme Disease:

  • Lyme Disease: The Facts, the Challenge
  • Tick-born Diseases: An Overview for Physicians

    Pediatrics (General):

  • Pediatric Online Directory
  • PEDINFO Online Publications


  • Prostate Cancer in its Later Stages


  • Travelers' Health
  • Saudi Arabia Hajj Requirements
  • Health Info for Travel to the Middle East
  • Health Info for Travel to North Africa
  • Health Info for Travel to West Africa
  • Health Info for Travel to the Subcontinent
  • Health Info for Travel to Southeast Asia


  • Tuberculosis Fact Sheet


  • Partial List of Abuse Hotlines in the US
  • Domestic Violence Information
  • Islamic Perspective on Violence Against Women
  • Wife Beating
  • What Does Islam Say About Domestic Violence
  • Sweeping it under the Carpet: an article about the realities of violence in some Muslim households, despite the peaceful teachings of Islam.

    Coming Soon:

  • Child Safety
  • Asbestosis
  • Female Muslim Physicians Directory: please feel free to email me with office address, phone number, & email to add to the list.

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