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What is at stake, is more than one small country. It is a big idea, a new world order. (former President George Bush)

It is a phrase that is oft-quoted and rarely understood. It is order out of what appears to be chaos. And it appears so quite deliberately. It is a finely tuned, well-orchestrated machine with signs of its churning all around us. But most of us see it not. We tend to fall into one or more of the following categories: apathetic, overwhelmed, skeptical, asleep, ignorant to its existence, and/or ignorant to methods of resisting it.

Our desires to continually entertain ourselves as well as our inundation with information make us unaware of what is really going on. And this is by design. Indeed, our very notions of "self" are engineered and manipulated. Perhaps not by a conspiracy of gray-haired, white men at a round table in the offices of the UN, but more so at the hands of corporations, indeed mega-corporations. The motives are profit and power. And we, the consumers, become the consumed.

These pages serve as one small contribution to the resistence. My intention is not to add to the inundation of information mentioned above, but more so to organize it. To demonstrate the existence of order, where chaos seems to reside. These pages are but a quick overview with links to other sites and more in-depth analyses. Questions, comments, and especially criticisms are welcome.

Important to note is the sister page The Multifocal Attack Against Islam which addresses many of the same issues from my perspective as a Muslim. In addition, I highly recommend viewing Signs Before the Day of Judgement for comparisons of the system being established now (often referred to as the New World Order) and the system Muslims believe will be set up in the End of Time to foster the arrival of the AntiChrist, Al-Masih ad-Dajjal.


Media Machine:

-time taken up, "peace"/vocabulary, inc. entertainment & useless info, inc. materialism, hx of info & ahistorical society, anti-religion, stereotyping (Communists, Japanese-Americans, slavery, Muslims), fosters regionalism
  • The History of Information
  • Subtle Messages, Profound Implications: Advertising, Social Engineering, and the New World Order
  • Doublespeak & the New World Order

    The UN & Regionalism:

    -1 world govít, currency, army/police force, etc

    Mass Compulsory Schooling:

    -review of Dumbing Us Down, life of servitude, time from family, compartment


    The Destruction of the Family:

    -anti-religious media, time/compartments, fast-food culture
  • The Fall of the Family: by Abdal Hakim Murad

    Economic Warfare:

    -IMF, UN sanctions, World Bank, MAI, Federal Reserve
  • Unsustainable Nondevelopment: a response by Noam Chomsky
  • Squeezed to Death: Military and Economic Strategy in Iraq



    -by nation, by age (school, work, NH), by race

    The Information Age:

  • The History of Information

    Military Intervention:

  • Killing Hope

    Related Sites:

  • The Multifocal Attack Against Islam
  • The Dajjal System
  • The Secret Shadow Government
  • United Nations: The World Government of the Antichrist?
  • America & the New World Order
  • The Corporations
  • Superhighway to Dystopia
  • The Dajjalic Priesthood: The Role of Psychiatry & "Self-help" in Instituting the New World Order
  • What's Wrong with Guilt?: Dajjal & the Self-Help Movement

    Coming Soon:

  • Consumerism & the New World Order
  • The Poverty Industry

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