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the Name of Allah the Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Articles & Web Pages by Abu Aasiya

Some of these articles are available for download and reading on your handheld computing devices. Go to for more information.

  • Test of the Cross
  • Islam's Impact on Daily Living
  • Some Evils of Interfaith Dialogues
  • The Multifocal Attack Against Islam
  • Prophecies of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the Bible
  • The Linguistics of Universality
  • Some Thoughts on the Ten Commandments
  • My Journey to Islam
  • Prayer in the Bible
  • Dismantling the Moongod Theory
  • The Myth of Christian Persecution: And Why it Must be So
  • The Dajjalic Priesthood: The Role of Psychiatry and "Self-help" Groups in Instituting the New World Order
  • Subtle Messages, Profound Implications: Advertising, Social Engineering, & the New World Order
  • What's Wrong with Guilt?: Dajjal & the Self-Help Movement
  • TV News: Manipulating Public Opinion in the Dajjal System
  • Satanic Reverses: As Things Become their Opposites
  • DNN: News with Context and Analysis
  • A Prescription for Deception: Money, the Pharmaceutical Industry, and the Toll on Human Life
  • The Dajjal System
  • Random Acts of Journalism
  • In Search of a Cerebral Paradise: Materialist Science, Antidepressants, & the Dajjal System
  • Signs Before the Day of Judgement
  • Football and the New World Order
  • Advice to the Muslims in the Wake of Terrorism
  • The History of Information
  • Information Overload: A Dream
  • Holiday Myths
  • the Muslims' Mobile Computing Source
  • Technology & the Culture of Immediacy
  • Biblical Verses Condoning and Regulating Slavery
  • Christianity's Justification of the Slave Trade
  • Nostradamus: One Muslim's Perspective
  • Why I do NOT Subscribe to a Conspiratorial View of History
  • Seeking Protection from al-Masih ad-Dajjal
  • They're Planning the Third Temple
  • Thoughts on the Covenant
  • Thoughts on the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Lessons from Bani Isra'eel still under construction
  • One Way - An article by Abu Aasiya