Info Redux .com

InfoRedux.com has an interesting story - a rather strange way of entering the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and information marketing (infopreneuring) businesses.

It actually started when InfoRedux’s founder received a threatening letter from a lawyer of a former US Vice President. Both must remain nameless at this point, since there are some legal aspects pending at this time. Nonetheless, the story goes that InfoRedux’s founder (we’ll call him Redux) had been intensely studying infopreneuring and its various sub-categories. He was doing so because he wished to retire way early - like in his early forties. So he bought CDs, he read books, and he completed numerous homestudy courses. Redux went to conferences and studied under a few internet marketing “gurus”. Initially, though, he was doing this to further his own infopreneuring efforts - starting seven or eight somewhat automated web businesses.

But then the letter struck. It turns out that prior to receiving the “cease and desist” letter from the former VP’s lawyers, Redux began to build one of his somewhat automated businesses around a hot topic. As soon as Redux saw a spike in the coverage surrounding this topic, he began brainstorming on how to capitalize on it. He began to make some products related to the subject.

In February 2007, a former US VP, along with numerous Hollywood stars, began to spearhead an awareness campaign surrounding the very topic Redux was working on. This awareness campaign gave the impression of being the leaders in a movement - with concerts, streaming web video, documentaries, etc. Well, Redux launched a few products around the same theme, although, not in the same or competing product-lines and only after due diligence in searching for trademark filings with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Finding no evidence of trademarks, finding multiple businesses with similar names to the “movement”, and no trademark indicators on any of the words or logos on the former VP’s site, Redux proceeded. He used all that he had learned to drive his auto-pilot web business straight to the number one slot on Google and on multiple other search engines (within weeks) - even though this worldwide movement had/has massive monetary support, lots of talented and influential people, and a big time web presence.

Then the letter struck. “Cease and desist”. Redux did, but very reluctantly. He had done his due diligence. He felt that he was not wrong. He did not violate anyone’s intellectual property rights. Rather, Redux felt that it was they who did not seek to secure their rights in a proper and timely manner. Nonetheless, he stopped.

As he looked back to find the lesson in all of this, he realized… "Hey, I was a little guy, and I climbed over the giants. I can do it again, and again, and again. And this time, I’ll help others climb the giants, too." And InfoRedux.com was born. InfoRedux operates on a referral-only basis. No advertising, no mass marketing… just word of mouth. The business relationships are better that way. In fact, redux means "to bring back". If we serve you right, your customers will keep coming back… and you’ll bring someone back to us…

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