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The Status of Other Peoples

From the very beginning, I believed in and reflected on the concepts of Heaven and Hell, Reward and Punishment. In fact, despite trying to not believe in the Hereafter, a belief in it never left me. I often wondered,though, how can any of us say that our way is the only way when people exist that have never even heard of our way? Say, for example, the Aborigines in Australia or the Native Americans prior to contact with Christians...How can they possibly be responsible for "accepting Christ" (peace be upon him)? That is irrational and unjust.

Islam answered my questions and concerns...First, with explaining in clear terms why we were created:

I have only created jinn and men that they may serve Me. (Qur'an 51:56)

We were created to worship and serve God. That's it. That being the case, reward and punishment is visited upon us when we either do or do not do that which we were created worship and serve God.

Now, how does this address other peoples who have not heard of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)?

To every people was sent a messenger: when their messenger comes before them, the matter will be judged between them with justice, and they will not be wronged. (Qur'an 10:47)

For We assuredly sent amongst every people a messenger with the command, "Serve Allah and eschew evil..." (Qur'an 61:36)

People in the Americas, the jungles of Africa, the steppes of Russia, the mountains of Asia, and readers of this web site are responsible for the message brought to your worship and serve God. And once the message of the Last Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him) has reached you, you become responsible for that.

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