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Persecution of Christians

The purpose of this page is not to deny the atrocities some Christians have experienced at the hands of Muslims. Nor is the purpose of this page to "turn things around" and say, "Well, look what Christians did to Muslims over the years!!" Instead, the purpose of this page is (1) to divorce Islam from the horrific acts of an isolated few, (2) to demonstrate that the actions of an adherent to a faith is not necessarily a representative of that faith, nor of its teachings, and (3) with that in mind, to demonstrate that Christianity would be a deemed a vile religion if we were to judge it by the actions done in its name.

This page is in no way meant to offend our Christian brothers and sisters. As many of you know, Christians are highly regarded in the Qur’an as People of the Book, having received prior revelation and having amongst them "those who forsake the world and those who are not arrogant." And it is certainly not my intention to be apologetic for centuries of conflict between Muslims and Christians by way of war, debate, or otherwise. The job of the Mulslim is to, not only do what is right, but to forbid what is wrong. It is my intention that nothing come out of this except the pleasure of Allah by bringing members of these two faiths together in cooperation for denouncing the sweeping generalizations and unfounded charges brought against us.

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