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A Guide to Missionary Tactics

     This guide is intended to improve awareness about the tactics used by
     some groups and cults. The tactics of missionaries and missionary
     groups may vary, but there are some basic guidelines to keep in mind
     that will be helpful in dealing with them.
            Some missionaries attempt to develop a rapport with their
            subject without divulging their own religious affiliation or
            intention. As an example to make making them seem less
            "Christian" missionaries are coached by their superiors to
            avoid using words such as "Christ" or "savior" or "baptize".
            If you are not sure about the religious identity of the
            stranger who begins talking to you about religion, ask him
            directly about his beliefs and agenda. Be suspicious of an
            indirect answer. Remember these people aren't interested in
            dialogue or trying to improve Anglo-Muslim links but are often
            in SECURE PAID EMPLOYMENT to Sell Christianity.
            When talking to a Muslim about religion, a missionary may
            attempt to elicit as many "I don't know" responses as possible,
            in order to establish his superiority in matters of religion.
            Don't allow yourself to be intimidated!
            Remember, the missionary has studied Islamic beliefs for the
            sole purpose to sell Christianity to Muslims. There heart are
            sealed and they are no longer interested in truth. Keep in mind
            that he is not speaking to you in order to exchange ideas, but
            rather to create as much doubt in your mind and lead you away
            from your faith. If you want to learn more about the Quran, do
            so from someone who doesn't have hidden motives. Therefore,
            feel free to simply end the conversation and walk away.
            Remember that many of these questions and associations they are
            trying to sell have been debunked many times by more learned
            Muslims. If they were interested in dialogue the would be
            speaking to respected elders and community leaders exploring
            common ground improving understanding and faith in the
            community, but all one sees are the often the same question
            again to unsuspecting victims. Ask yourself what do they hope
            to gain ?
            However, some of you may want to listen to their arguments and
            then learn the Muslim response, in order to be better prepared
            for future encounters. One must also remember that many
            missionaries intentionally go into Muslim areas in Britain so
            they train themselves and create the most seductive "Sales
            Pitch" they can manage. Once they have finished there training
            in salesmanship they will target unsuspecting Muslims (the
            lonely, vulnerable and weak) lacking in knowledge.
            The following pointers should give you a basic idea of what to
            look for.
            The missionary may tell you that he (or a Christian friend or
            acquaintance) was once an Muslim, or that he had a solid Muslim
            education, a traditional Muslim family life, etc. This is
            almost always a lie, so don't let him fool you. The hidden
            message that he is attempting to convey is that he came to
            accept Christianity after knowing and overcoming all of the
            Muslim objections (Jesus being son of god, Bible being
            corrupted by man etc.), and therefore, why should you bother to
            check it out?
            He may drop certain Islamic phrases or talk about the details
            of his "traditional" Muslim upbringing, in order to lend more
            credence to his story. In fact, his "memory" is often the
            result of careful coaching.
            The missionary might tell you that he knows the Islamic
            objections to his arguments, and will then proceed to show how
            such objectives are ill-founded. Don't expect to hear the real
            Islamic response from such a source.
            Don't be taken in by the "good cop - bad cop" routine. This
            routine involves a "bad cop" who threatens the subject, and a
            "good cop" who protects him from the "bad cop". The subject is
            so grateful to the "good cop", and so worried about losing the
            good-will of his protector, that he invariably shows his
            appreciation by telling the "good cop" what he wants to hear.
            In similar fashion, the "good" Christian talks about how much
            he loves and respects Muslims, while denouncing the "bad"
            Christians who hate and have persecuted Muslims. The naive and
            ones lacking in knowledge of Christian history and bigotry will
            feel grateful to the "good cop", and may automatically judge
            him to be a friend and reliable ally. Watch out for hidden
            motives behind such "friendship".
            At the outset, the missionary will talk about his belief that
            Jesus is the messiah. Many Muslims don't find out until later,
            often after they have joined a Christian friendship group, that
            their fundamental belief is that Jesus is god. Any talk about
            "the messiah" or "son of god" is merely a cover for that
            belief, basic to Christianity . However, since such a concept
            is repugnant in Islam, this most basic belief of Christianity
            is glossed over as much as possible when missionaries talk to
     PROOF or SPOOF?
            Don't be impressed by the claim that Christians have 50, or
            100, or 300 "proofs" that they are correct in their claims
            about Jesus. As proof after proof is shown to be meaningless,
            the missionary will hide behind his numbers, as if to say:
            "Well, we have so many more proofs, what's the difference if
            you can disprove some of them". He will attempt to "split the
            difference" with you: "Well, even if half our proofs prove
            nothing, we still have another 25 or 50, or 150". Remember, all
            of their proofs can be shown to be untenable. Keep in mind that
            a faulty point is not worth 50% of a good point, or 25%, or
            10%. It is worthless. The simple mathematics are: 50 x 0 = 0,
            100 x 0 = 0, 300 x 0 = 0.
            Very often, the reasoning used by Christian missionaries is
            circular. That is, the "proof" only points to something is if
            you believe it in the first place, and therefore is no proof at
            Be aware of the problem of mistranslating. A person who is not
            familiar with Arabic can be lead to accept a mistranslating
            which puts a Christian "twist" on a verse that never had such a
            meaning in the original. If you can't check it out yourself,
            talk to a reliable person who can. Remember, it is no
            coincidence that the Muslims of past generations, who were much
            better versed in the Arabic, never had any serious problems
            refuting Christian missionary arguments.
            In addition beware of Christian Translations of the Quran, many
            date from sixteenth to the eighteenth century with the sole
            intention of to discredit Islam.
            Please keep in mind ANY translation (interpretation) of the
            Quran will most definitely contain errors In its natural
            language (Arabic), the Quran is the direct Word of Allah (God)
            to mankind through the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him).
            Any translation of the Quran no longer retains that 'official'
            and perfect status, however it can be tremendously helpful to
            beginning students wanting to learn more about Islam.
            We would strongly encourage those want to learn about Islam to
            purchase a copy of the Quran but with the following conditions:
            + get one with commentary (tafseer)
            + make sure the tafseer is scholarly (e.g. references to
              reasons behind a verse, references to hadith and sunnah,
              An excellent English translation and commentary of the Quran
              is Maududi's recently published work "The Meaning of the
            Often a verse will be quoted to you that has been taken
            entirely out of context. When the entire chapter that contains
            that verse is read, it becomes clear that it does not
            corroborate the Missionary.
                Conclusion : Selling Timeshare or Christshare? 
     You may recognize many of the tactics used by some Missionaries in
     selling there faith as they have similarities to disreputable
     Timeshare and Double glazing salesman, and this raises some
     interesting points:
     Why would one propagate faith in such a deceitful and underhanded way,
            is it because:
            God will not aid ones seeking the true path?
            A bad product is difficult to sell unless you dupe someone?
     If you are genuinely interested in faith
            Why don't you go ask someone with a sound knowledge and
                  understanding of Islam, instead of targeting the naive,
                  vulnerable and the weak.
            Why do you seek out the naive and week and then intentionally
                  ask Mischievous questions, when they have been answered
                  many times by learned scholars and by people that you
                  have approached over the years? Surely this does not add
                  to knowledge or understanding.
     Why do you target Muslims
            Considering the moral depravity often in your own family and
                  neighbourhood and within so called Christians.
            Is it because Muslims are wealthy in faith?
            Is it because you have so much hatred for us and you are
                  unable, incapable or tired of other methods:
                  RIDICULE There is a very large number of publications by
                        Muslims explaining Islam in plain and simple
                        English. Look in any public library for books on
                        Islam, a large proportion of them will be by
                        orientalists and Christian missionaries, what do
                        you think motivates someone to write a book on a
                        subject one does not believe in and an area that
                        has been already covered by numerous other books?
                        Remember Christian "Translations" of the Quran
                        whose sole intention was to discredit Islam.
                  CRUSADES Butchered everyone including defenseless women
                        and children or any one else that got in there way.
                        Although it has taken many hundreds of years
                        Crusaders have improved they now only kill some
                        women and RAPE THE REST. The twentieth centuary has
                        seen "Ethnic Cleansing" replace the word Crusade,
                        in 1996 one of the youngest recorded victim of rape
                        in Bosnia was a baby of 4 Months old. Many women
                        and children had two of there fingers severed by
                        the Serbs so that the three remaining fingers would
                        remind them of the Trinity.
            While we as Muslims believe that the entire Quran is the word
            of God and we would like every one to accept it as such, God
            Himself has given the freedom of religion which we respect.
            With that in mind, all we hope is that non-Muslims will at
            least enlighten themselves with an open heart and mind by
            knowing what Islam is. We hope that Muslims, Christians and
            Jews will find ways to work together to bring peace on earth by
            eradicating immorality, fear, hate, disease, poverty and
            Muslims welcome the chance improve dialogue and understanding
            with all faiths. In addition we do not object to other groups
            explaining there ideas and faith to whomever expresses an
            interest, but we do think it is unacceptable that missionaries
            demean other faiths, use deceitful methods and harass
            communities with what can be described highly trained and
            focused door to door salesman.
     USE THE PROPER RESOURCES! Most Muslims spend their time studying Islam
     trying to find a path to true enligtenment, and therefore may not be
     familiar with the "curve-ball" approach of missionaries. If you need
     advice concerning a problem of this sort, get in touch with people who
     are familiar with the tactics being used and who know how to deal with

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