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The Militant Tribe

"It would almost seem as if the gospel of Christ
and the gospel of Antichrist were destined
to originate from the same people"

Winston Churchill, Sunday Illustrated Herald, February 8, 1920

Israeli Aggression:

  • The Truth Israel does NOT want you to see
  • Voices of Palestine
  • Watch this RealPlayer Download
  • Young Muhammad's Death
  • Electronic Intifada
  • Israel's Ethnic Cleansing Part 1
  • Israel's Ethnic Cleansing Part 2
  • Israel's Ethnic Cleansing Part 3
  • Amid the ruins of Jenin, the grisly evidence of a war crime
  • Mass Palestinian Graveyard in the Making
  • Israeli Military Numbers
  • Children of Palestine a slide presentation
  • Gruesome Photos
  • The Truth about Terrorism is to be found in the Encyclopedia by Isaac Melton
  • UN Resolutions being violated by countries other than Iraq

    Plans for Third Temple:

  • Two Episodes of Jewish Mischief: from Tafseer Soorah al-`Israa by Imam Ibn Kathir
  • Christian & Jewish Beliefs Regarding The Return Of The Messiah and Plots Against Masjid Al-Aqsa
  • The Temple Institute
  • Project Cornerstone: Zionist Plans for the Third Temple
  • Focus on the Holy Temple: The Meaning of Jerusalem
  • The Mystery of the Red Heifer

    Israeli Weapons of Mass Destruction:

  • Israeli Weapons of Mass Destruction: a Threat to Peace: by John Steinbach
  • Nukes in Israel
  • The Third Temple's Holy of Holies: Israel's Nuclear Weapons
  • Israel Issuing Nuclear Upgrades on some of its Aircraft
  • Israeli Missle Systems
  • Israeli Subs
  • Deadly Darts
  • Iraq Isn't The Only Country With Weapons Of Mass Destruction
  • Did Israel Bomb the U.S.S. Cole? It Looks Like It


  • I am Israel: by Hashem Said
  • It's a Crime in the US to Boycott Israel
  • Pro-Israel PAC Contributions to US 2000 Congressional Candidates
  • Thought Police
  • The Crimes of Ariel Sharon
  • 20 Zionist Myths Exposed
  • Thoughts on the Covenant by Abu Aasiya

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