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Manipulating Disease & Illness


During my residency in internal medicine there were two things that sparked my interest in the manipulation of disease and illness. The first of these was a news report that the so-called state of Israel had begun investigating the possibilities of developing a genetic weapon to utilize in its oppression and destruction of Arabs, and in particular, Palestinians. The second was an observation that instruction on dealing with the effects of biological weapons became part of the curriculum for my residency and for the internal medicine boards in general.

Now, it must be stated, and emphasized, that I may or may not agree with the links provided below. Medicine has become quite specialized, so while I have some knowledge regarding the subjects below, I am not an expert.


  • AIDS Emergency in Africa
  • AIDS Conspiracy
  • Was There an AIDS Contract?
  • Is AIDS Manmade?
  • Vaccines Linked to Origin of AIDS: by Elaine Zacky
  • AIDS & Population Control: by Steven Ransom
  • Hepatitis B Vaccine & the Origin of HIV: by Dr. Leonard Horowitz
  • Boyd Graves, JD & the Development of AIDS Flowchart
  • HIV Rate Starts To Increase In Many US Cities

    West Nile Virus:

  • West Nile Virus Probably NOT Being Spread by Migrating Birds
  • The CIA & the West Nile Virus: by Dr. Leonard Horowitz
  • First West Nile prenatal case confirmed


  • The Dajjalic Priesthood: The Role of Psychiatry & "Self-help" in Instituting the New World Order
  • What's Wrong with Guilt?
  • Homosexuality
  • In Search of a Cerebral Paradise: Antidepressants, Materialist Science, & the New World Order
  • US Psychopharmacological Weapons Research
  • DNN's Psych/Pharm Watch

    Biological Weapons:

  • Forced Vaccines Haunt Gulf Vets
  • Anthrax & Ebola Missing from US Army Lab
  • Anthrax Vaccine Homepage
  • US May Limit Lawsuits regarding Smallpox Vaccine


  • Psych/Pharm Watch
  • A Secret History of Human Experimentation
  • The Population Control Agenda by Stanley Monteith, MD
  • Scientists Get OK to Put Human Genes in Cattle
  • School offers morning-after pill to 11-year-olds
  • Cartoon: Pharmacy Disclaimer
  • Mad Deer Disease?
  • 3 Texas Women Die Suddenly From Mystery 'Flu' Illness
  • A Prescription for Deception: Money, the Pharmaceutical Industry, and the Toll on Human Life
  • Prions Found in Fish

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