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Keep tabs on the psychiatric industry's monopoly on treatment and research surrounding mental and spiritual health. Learn about coercion, the law, and human rights... More

  • In Search of a Cerebral Paradise
  • The Dajjalic Priesthood
  • A Prescription for Deception: Money, the Pharmaceutical Industry, and the Toll on Human Life
  • US Drug-makers Accused of Bullying
  • Drug firms accused of distorting research
  • Seniors Not Taking Needed Medications Due To High Costs, Survey Finds
  • Feds track patients' drug use
  • Turkey, Stuffing & Antibiotics
  • How Aspartame Became Legal - The Timeline
  • "Unhealthy patents"
  • A Secret History of Human Experimentation
  • In Search of a Cerebral Paradise
    Materialist Science, Antidepressants, and the Dajjal System. Learn about the Sarafem Deception, the quest to eliminate psychic pain, and new classifications of social mental illness...

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     The Dajjalic Priesthood

    Psychiatrists, psychologists, and self-help groups have become the priests of the New Worldly Order and are active in attempts to marginalize religion, encourage the sins of the tongue, and to normalize deviancy...

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