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Once there were two students walking along a river. During their conversation, one of them just so happened to glance over at something floating in the river. It did not take long for him to realize that it was a baby! Without hesitation he jumped into the river to save the infant from drowning. When he jumped in he realized that there were at least ten more in his immediate area, all of them screaming and crying as they bobbed by.

Quite naturally he started screaming to the other student. "Help! C'mon man! Get in here! Look at all of these babies! We gotta help 'em!" The other student, however, kept walking upstream, despite noticing a river full of babies, with more and more floating downstream.

For every one that the first student saved, eight passed him. There were just too many. "C'mon man! Don't you have a heart?! I can't grab all of these babies alone!"

The second student replied, "I'm going upstream to find out who's throwing all of these babies in the river."

The point of this short story is to demonstrate the importance of going to the source of the problem to have a greater impact. Many people address each of society's social ailments as separate entities. Thus we find numerous organizations that target a specific poison......The solution to racism, spouse abuse, child abuse, crime, pollution, alcohol abuse, drug addiction, and other social ills is one. Each problem does not require it's own organizations and groups to eliminate it. The solutions for all of these is one. That one, is Islam. The list below is just a small example of how Islam addresses each and every problem imaginable.

Alcohol Smoking: A Social Poison Purification of the Soul: The Four Poisons Of The Heart
Nationalism Objectification and Exploitation of Women Domestic Violence
Interest The Dangers of the Tongue The Traps of Iblees
Racism The Information & Entertainment Glut Gambling
Gossip Hypocrisy Pride
Religious Innovation Homosexuality Disbelief or Kufr
The Culture of Immediacy Adultery & Fornication in Their Various Forms Football