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Latest news:

  • Exxon spill is still killing after 14 years
  • Herpes virus oubreak that's killing carp spreads
  • Greenpeace obtains smoking-gun memo: White House/Exxon link
  • Canada ratifies Kyoto Protocol
  • Environmental Catastrophe in Iraq
  • Bush Forest Fire Plan: Log It All
  • Daschle's Deal Dooms the Sacred Land of the Sioux
  • Toxic Chemicals Threaten Arctic
  • Home grown food better for developing countries, says new report
  • Deaths from air pollution now triple those from traffic accidents
  • Mass Arsenic Poisoning by UN Wells in Bangladesh


  • Gene Watch
  • The price of pollution
  • Environmental Catastrophe in Iraq

    Islam & the Environment:

  • Islam & the Environment
  • Islam and Ecology: A Bestowed Trust Inviting Balanced Stewardship by Frederick Denny
  • The Qur'an & the Environment
  • Environmental Protection in Islam: A General Introduction to Islam's Attitude Toward the Universe, Natural Resources, and the Relation Between Man and Nature
  • Environmental Protection in Islam: Protection and Conservation of the Basic Natural Resources
  • Environmental Protection in Islam: Thoughts & Conclusions
  • Sustenance and Accountability: Islam's Views on the Environment

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