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Latin America Watch

It is time to leave the theories of the West vs. Islam. And I say this for a number of reasons. First of all, Islam is a universal religion. Unlike the other religions of the world, Islam is not named after a people, a place, or an individual. It is named after a universal quality, "submission" - in Arabic "Islam". It is therefore, not limited to the East. Indeed it is the fastest growing religion in the world and in America.

Secondly, using the terms "West" and "East" implies that Islam is an "eastern" religion. However, Islam (i.e. "submission") was the religion of Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus, and all of the prophets (peace be upon them all).

Lastly, when looking at the world of "haves" and "have nots" and of "oppressed" and "oppressor", it is not a question of East and West. It is probably more appropriate to recognize a North-South divide, with Russia, Europe, and the US being the North, and the countries of Latin America and Islam being the South.

Being a Muslim, I am for justice. And, as a Muslim, I must speak out against injustice whether it is injustice against Muslims or non-Muslims and whether the oppressors are Muslims or non-Muslims. It is for this reason that I have made "Latin America Watch". Much like the foreign meddling in the affairs of the Muslims throughout the world, so too is the situation of Latin America. The US has had her hands in the affairs of Latin America for decades. Here's the latest...

Latest news:

  • The myth of free trade - Mexico to axe WTO
  • Is George setting his sites on Cuba?
  • Iraq 'first battle of a wider US war'
  • Venezuela Raps U.S. Ambassador for 'Provocation'
  • Striving to Punish Cuba, U.S. Expels 14 of Its Diplomats
  • Sen. Lieberman urges Bush to apply pressure on Cuba
  • Cuba's Castro Says U.S. Is Provoking War
  • Latinos on the Frontlines, Again
  • Top Brazil Port to Boycott US, UK Ships
  • Patterns of Global Terrorism
  • Mexico sits uncomfortably at U.N.
  • Interventions 'r' US
  • Mexico bypassing U.S. sovereignty?
  • U.S. Intervening Against Democracy in Venezuela
  • Bomb Blast Rocks Colombian Capital
  • Venezuelan troops seize tanker
  • Caracas reels as protests continue
  • Report Exposes Tobacco Industry Tactics to Derail Public Health Efforts in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • New Documentary Released on the School of the Americas
  • U.S. should close its 'school for assassins'


  • Latinos on the Frontlines, Again
  • Interventions 'r' US
  • School of the Americas Watch
  • "Hidden in Plain Sight" - What has the U.S. been doing in Latin America?
  • Collateral Damage: U.S. Drug Control in the Andes by Coletta Youngers (PDF)
  • Bush's Venezuelan Breakdown
  • One-Sided Venezuela Coverage
  • Mexican Farmers See Death Sentence in NAFTA


  • Privatizing The Drug War; How The CIA Enlists Private Companies To Evade Congressional Scrutiny Of Growing US Military Involvement In Colombia And Peru - Real Audio archives from Pacifica (5/23/2001)


  • Islam & the History of Spain
  • La Voz de Atlan

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