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Say Goodbye To Bar Codes And Hello To RFID

  • Psychopharmacological Weapons Research
  • Why, Hello Mr. Chips
  • Pentagon to track American consumer purchases
  • Stores soon to require fingerprints for check & credit card purchases
  • Resisting Biotechnology and the Commodification of Life
  • Biotech Has Bamboozled Us All
  • ECHELON: A System for Monitoring all Communications
  • Live Rats Driven by Remote Control
  • Nerve Microchip Interface Goes Live
  • Scientists grow brain cells on a microchip
  • Smart Card Chills Privacy Experts
  • Smart Card & a Cashless Society
  • National ID Card
  • Cybersurveillance System Being Built
  • Killing "terrorists" (and dissent) by remote control
  • Nokia: Machine talks to Machine
  • Vandalism in the Sky - HAARP and Attempts by the US Military to Control the Weather
  • Auto-ID: Tracking everything, everywhere
  • Risk of internet collapse rising
  • Feds track patients' drug use
  • Use of drones in domestic surveillance advocated
  • High-tech billboards tune in to drivers' tastes - the billboards are listening...
  • Will Your TV Become a Spy?
  • Spying on Snookums With GPS
  • Military 'enlists' toylike airplanes
  • Japanese scientist invents 'invisibility cloak'
  • Bush Administration to Propose System for Monitoring Internet
  • Benetton Clothing to Carry Tiny Tracking Transmitters
  • Arms race fear over new bomb
  • Scientists build tiny computer from DNA
  • Horrifying US Secret Weapon Unleashed In Baghdad


  • Technology & the Culture of Immediacy
  • Supermarket "loyalty" programs: Rewards for the wealthy
  • The Club Card Double-Pricing Scam
  • Trails in the Sand
  • I'd Rather Go Naked

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