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Third Temple Watch
The Messianic movements among Jews and some Christian sects is growing. Follow some of the latest news and analysis regarding Jewish and Christian Zionist attempts to "re-establish" the Temple of Jerusalem and learn what it means to Islam's Holy Sites... More

Technology Watch

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Technology for technology's sake is bringing us down a dangerous path - a path which will startle you even if you are not a conspiracy theorist or a Doomsdayer...

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  • Third Temple Watch
  • Eye on Chechnya
    Chechnya Watch allows you to keep abreast of news in this troubled region. News, history, and analysis...

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     Eye on Iraq

    As the drums of war are sounded, follow the latest news and articles regarding Iraq...


     Islamic Law

    Wherever the people try to establish Islam it will be opposed. Nigeria, Aceh, Afghanistan. Who's next?...


     Psych/Pharm Watch

    Track the latest articles and news relating to the pharmaceutical industry and the world of psychiatry...

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    About the Watch Pages
    Oftentimes the mainstream media forcefeeds us with respect to which issues we concentrate on at which moment. This allows profound change to occur unbeknownst to the masses. For example, in the aftermath of September 11th we were inundated with the who, the what, and the how of it all, that many of us missed the passage of the Patriot Act. While we were all focused on the latest victims of the DC sniper, we missed the military build-up on the borders of Iraq. Palestinians, Chechens, and Muslims in India and Kashmir continue to be exterminated. The Watch Pages have been established as a small attempt to steer our concerns and thoughts away from the "guidance" of the mainstream media and to encourage us to continue to struggle.