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Syria Watch

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "The people of Syria will recieve no food and no money due to oppression by the Romans (Europeans)." Sahih Muslim

Latest news:

  • Syria protests against US strike
  • US Prepares To Move Troops To Azerbaijan
  • Israel: Iraq 'Not Enough' - Wants US To Take Syria, Iran
  • Syrian leader questions al-Qaida's existence
  • Powell Rebuffs Syrian U.N. Move for WMD-Free Mideast
  • U.S. threatens Syria 'to serve Israeli interests'
  • Syria said on Thursday it would not allow arms inspections, but would join forces with the world to rid the entire Middle East of weapons of mass destruction in line with its recent proposal to the United Nations
  • Hawkish Perle Calls For "Syrian Liberation Act"
  • Bush vetoes Syria war plan - war is deception.
  • Israel to U.S.: Now deal with Syria and Iran
  • Iraqi WMD 'possibly in Syria'
  • Straw: Syria Must Prove It is Not Harboring Iraqi Fugitives - this is the same demand offered to Iraq...prove a negative.
  • Israel warns Syria not to 'play with fire'
  • Syria Says U.S. Charges Are Threats, Falsifications
  • Israeli expert believes Syria has chemical arsenal
  • Israel turns up heat on Syrian leader
  • Britain backs warning to Damascus


  • US weapons stance 'hypocritical'
  • Crusade versus Jihad
  • A Nation Lost


  • Thoughts on the Covenant by Abu Aasiya
  • Church of England backs unprovoked attack on Iraq
  • Catholic theologian says Iraq 'just war'
  • Zionists Influencing USA (Britain) to Invade Iraq for Israel
  • Islam in US Crosshairs
  • America's Messianic War Cult
  • US Media Airs Alleged Zionist Role in Iraq War
  • Beginning a Modern Religious War
  • Armageddon, Bush, the Bible, and Iraq
  • Marching on Babylon: Is Bush Acting Out an Elaborate Religious Fantasy thru War?
  • Are Christian evangelists eyeing Iraq?
  • Biblical Vengeance
  • Crusade versus Jihad
  • The Bible is their 'Road Map'
  • A Very Mixed Marriage: Evangelical Christians lining up to fight for Israel may be an unmovable obstacle to Bushs 'road map'

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